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Seahaven Counselling & Hypnotherapy,

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East Sussex BN9 9PN

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Sometimes when I'm in the boat alone, it doesn't feel like I have any oars. ... up out of the fog, I can see your harbour light somewhere out there, guiding me in.




Face to face / Online or via the telephone



Helping people find their way.

07708 897308 / [email protected]




There's something I want to explore and make sense of.

I'm feeling really down, low and depressed and I feel stuck.

To me the world just looks like a fog.

I'd  like to  have some support and somebody to listen.

I feel overwhelmed.

Behaviour change


I want to stop smoking. 

I want to feel less anxious.

I want to stop harming myself.

I want to stop the phobia I have.



I want to understand more about my relationship with others.

I'm not sure how to cope with my grief and loss.

I feel anxious and scared and I'm not sure why.

I’m not sure how to relax.

Growth and development


I want to improve my level of confidence and self esteem.

I want to personally gain a greater self awareness.

I want to improve communication with my manager and my team.

I want to move on to something else.


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